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Are you looking for peace and quiet in a busy office environment

At times, every knowledge worker needs a quiet and calm environment to be able to focus. Not all offices and workplace concepts are suitable for this. Distractions and noise are lurking. With MindPod, BakkerElkhuizen has created a mobile solution that provides peace and quiet in the workplace.

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Unique in its simplicity
The MindPod is the unique solution for easily setting up a mobile concentration workplace. The use of a lot of (safety) glass, (fire-proof) acoustic panels and no doors creates a quiet, yet open space.

The power of the MindPod is its simplicity: the selected materials, the colours, and the construction. But the result is phenomenal. Step into the MindPod from a busy room and experience the peace and quiet achieved when sound is absorbed.

Any set-up is possible
The MindPod is possible in a variety of different set-ups, to create a single, double or quadruple MindPod set-up in your office environment.

Advantages MindPod

The MindPod comes completely fitted, including acoustic panels. LED lighting, safety glass, acoustic ceiling and a ventilator.

The MindPod can be used in different set-ups, providing your office environment with a single, double or quadruple MindPod set-up.

Simple & mobile
No tools are needed for setting up the MindPod. The MindPod is quickly ready for use.

This concentration workplace has a modern and open design. The glass panels in combination with matted steel provide a sleek, open look.

The MindPod is fitted with safety glass and fire-proof acoustic panels.

Would you like to experience the peace and quiet a compact, mobile space can offer? Please contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.

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