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Compact, ergonomic and

UltraBoard 940

UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
The UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard is the newest innovative product from the BakkerElkhuizen range. Compatible with Windows and macOS.

A unique ergonomic keyboard that can be used via Bluetooth and with a USB cable. This cable also serves to charge the keyboard.

"By multi-pairing you can link the UltraBoard 940 to up to five different devices. This allows you to easily switch between your PC, tablet, smartphone or other device by using a hotkey. The Ultraboard 940 has dark letters on a light background. These make reading easier and contribute to a higher productivity.

Another plus is the thickness of the keyboard. At only 19 mm, the UltraBoard 940 is a very comfortable compact keyboard that can easily fit in any laptop case."
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Both wired and wireless connectivity
Mac and Windows OS compatible
Double connectivity: USB cable as well as Bluetooth. Multi-pairing: up to 5 devices. Keys: responsive keystrokes and dark letters on a bright background.
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
A compact keyboard does not have a numeric pad. For thisreason, the mouse can be placed closer to the keyboard.Research has shown that 90% of keyboard users seldom ifever use the numeric pad.

Working with a compact keyboard results in greater comfort because it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse (Cook, C., et al., 1998). This puts less strain on the shoulder and forearm.

Dark letterson a light background make them easier to read (ISO 9241),and contribute to increased productivity (Snyder, 1990).
Ultraboard 940 compact keyboard UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard Double connectivity
  • Name
  • UltraBoard 940
  • Cable length
  • 148 cm
  • Rechargeable
  • Yes
  • Drivers
  • Yes
  • Width
  • 285 mm
  • Height
  • 19 mm
  • Depth
  • 147 mm
  • Weight
  • 430 gr
  • Sort
  • Compact / Mini
  • Wired
  • Yes, No
  • Mobile
  • Yes
  • With USB Hub
  • Yes
  • Key stroke
  • Laptop keys
  • German Lay-out
  • BNEU940DE
  • French Lay-out
  • BNEU940FR
  • Belgium lay-out
  • BNEU940BE
  • Swiss Lay-out
  • BNEU940SW
Dutch Design
Ultra thin
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