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Filex Galaxy

Create your own setup now!

  • Step 1 Choose a post or toolbar.
  • Step 2 Choose a colour for the setup.
  • Step 3 Choose your mounting clamp.
  • Step 4 Choose the post height.
  • Step 5 Choose how many segments you want per monitor arm.
  • Step 6 Choose dynamic or static segments
  • Step 7Choose your VESA connector.
  • Step 8Choose whether you want to add a CPU holder or electrification.
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" Everything becomes possible with the Filex Galaxy! "
Viewing angle In this monitor arm series, there is a choice of static straight parts or dynamic gas springs to ensure an optimal height and depth. The VESA head ensures the screen can tilt, rotate and turn seamlessly.
Viewing angle
Clamp Because of the wide range of clamps, it is possible to mount the Filex Galaxy monitor arm onto most desktops. The desk clamp and cable space feeder are included.
Rotation stop The integrated rotation stop in the Filex Galaxy monitor arm ensures a desk can be placed against a wall or other desk (desk-to-desk) without the arms or wall touching.
Rotation stop
Modular The modular system provides you an easy work place expansion in the future. Simply expand to multiple screens, extend your post or include a electrification unit or CPU holder.
Circular All parts are 100% recyclable and made from 100% sustainable materials. Because of the exstensive range from 2 to 12 kg, you will not need a new gas spring when you use a screen of a different weight.
Design Cable management is included in the Filex Galaxy series. This ensures a neat and tidy and professional look. All parts are available in White, Silver or Black and have a 5 year warranty.
Filex Galaxy is a compact monitor arm suitable for one or multiple screens.

The screen will be mounted directly onto the post and in seamlessly adjustable. The screen can tilt, rotate and turn.

This monitor arm is the ideal solution for a compact but efficient workplace.

The modular principle makes it easy to expand in the future without having to replace parts.

Easily expand to a workplace with multiple screens, an extension of the pole or expansion with an electrification unit or CPU holder is certainly possible!
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