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Pro 959 Footrest

BNEFRP959 ergonomic footrest Pro 959 Footrest
The ergonomic Pro 959 Footrest keeps your legs from hanging.

This footrest helps you adopt a good posture at the computer.

A footrest can resolve issues of insufficient height adjustment of the desk or office chair. With a good footrest the legs do not hang and circulation isn't cut off, which contributes to a better work posture.
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Ergonomic: height adjustable (60-370 mm) and adjustable angle provides stable support for the feet. Comfortable: contoured foot platform to minimize slip (490 x 400 mm). Setting up with: foot.
BNEFRP959 ergonomic footrest Pro 959 Footrest
We advise a footrest which is at least 45 cm wide and 35 cm deep. Its adjustable range should be at least 11 cm as measured from the floor surface. The slope of the support surface must be adjustable from 5 to at least 15 degrees.
BNEFRP959 ergonomic footrest Pro 959 Footrest
  • Name
  • Pro 959 Footrest
  • Width
  • 490 mm
  • Height
  • 90 mm
  • Depth
  • 400 mm
  • Weight
  • 7.4 kg
  • Sort
  • Foot adjustment
  • Adjustable range
  • 6 - 37 cm
  • Product code
  • BNEFRP959
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