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IQ Sit-Stand Desk

In what way do you alternate sitting and standing during a working day?

  • Easy No assembling tools required due to the patented Twist & Lock™ system.
  • Automatic Height-adjustable using the WORK & MOVE (SitStandCOACH en PitStops) software supplied or the on table controls.
  • Design The desk has a modern and sleek look.
  • Assembly time < 5 minutes.
  • Easy the desk height is adjusted at the touch of a button.
  • Height 65-134 cm
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" Less stress, better concentration and higher productivity with the IQ Sit-Stand Desk. "
Compatible The desk height can automatically be adjusted by means of the WORK & MOVE™ (SitStandCOACH en PitStops) software supplied. The desk height can also be adjusted at the touch of a button on the desk itself.
Ergonomic Because the desk is height-adjustable, you will always work at the appropriate sitting and standing height. The height is adjustable from 65-134 cm.
Easy IQ Sit-Stand Desk is easy to assemble. The patented Twist & Lock™ system requires no tools and assembling the desk will take no more than 5 minutes.
Design The desk has a sleek and modern design. The integrated cable management system along the top keeps cables out of sight.
Logistics Its design makes the desk extremely mobile, and 10 complete IQ Sit-Stand Desk units easily fit on 1 pallet. Combined with the very short setup time, considerable savings can be achieved in terms of logistics as well as facilities.
Personal preferences The main advantage of our software is the fact that your personal preferences are saved.
Modern design, ergonomic and <br/> flexible
Modern design, ergonomic and <br/> flexible
Switching between sitting and standing while working creates more variation in the working posture throughout the day.

This leads to less discomfort within the back, neck and shoulders compared to only perform sedentary work a regular table (Choi, 2010; Rabbit et al, 2008;. Hedge and Ray, 2004; Karlqvist, 1998).
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Modern design, ergonomic and <br/> flexible
Modern design, ergonomic and <br/> flexible
Dutch Design Made in Holland
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