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10 tips for an ideal workplace

Download PDF An ergonomic workplace facilitates the comfort and productivity of VDU users. All it takes is a few changes to create the ideal workplace.

A good seated position
goede zitpositie
  1. Seat height: feet flat on the floor, knees at a 90-degree angle
    you might need to use a footrest.
  2. Desk height: at elbow height when sitting in a relaxed position.
  3. Arms supported by armrests or the desk.
  4. Tilt the backrest of your chair 2 cm backwards for proper support.
  5. Monitor height: the top of the screen should be slightly below eye level
    You might need to use a laptop stand or tablet riser.
  6. Distance from monitor: at least 1 arm-length
    Use an external monitor measuring at least 19 inches, and an external keyboard and mouse.
Work 'in-line'
in line werken
  1. Place documents, tablet or smartphone in line with the screen on a slightly sloping surface so that you can read from them easily without bending your neck
    Use a document holder.
Place mouse directly in line with your shoulder
muis recht voor schouder
  1. Avoid reaching too far for the mouse, increase productivity with a separate keyboard (also when using laptop or tablet).
    Use a compact keyboard possibly accompanied by a separate numeric pad that can be placed to the left of the keyboard.
  2. For extra comfort, use an insulated mouse pad. The mouse cursor will move smoothly across the screen (on any desk), and the hand holding the mouse will stay warm.
Multiple monitors
meerdere beeldschermen
10. Work with 2 monitors if you often work with 2 applications at the same time. Place the screen you use most directly in front of you. If you often have to compare data provided by multiple applications, place both screens directly in front of you.
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