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59% would resign if Flexible Working would no longer be allowed

Download PDF Once staff get used to flexible working, they don’t want anything else. So employers must make work time and place-independent. 59% of staff said they would switch jobs if their employer would discontinue the option of flexible working. This was revealed by a survey called "Flexible working: a new way of life" which was performed by the recruitment agency Office Angels in the United Kingdom on 1,000 respondents in various sectors.

A strategic focus of organizations on flexible working can contribute to retaining and attracting the best employees. 86% of those questioned indicated that they are more attracted to a job when flexible working is named in the job description. Interestingly: the most important motivation for flexible working is no longer a better balance between private life and working life, such as coordinating child care with work or spending less time commuting, but employees increasingly see flexible working as an essential working condition.

For the employee and employer, a number of positive consequences flow from the introduction of flexible working. 41% of staff indicated that they experience less stress and 70% thinks the risk of them reporting sick is smaller because of flexible working. This means that the health, welfare and happiness of staff improve with "Flexible Working". In addition, 73% of staff think that staff who work flexibly are just as productive as or even more productive than their colleagues.

When organizations switch to ‘Flexible Working’, this does require a number of changes. Not just at a strategic level, but also practically. For staff who work more frequently on a laptop, a Flexible Working set with accessories, such as a compact keyboard, laptop standard and an ergonomic mouse, is essential. In this way, employers can confidently allow staff to work productively and healthily anywhere and anytime.
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