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Laptop stands: An essential part of any ergonomic workspace

An ergonomic workspace improves the comfort and  productivity of computer-based employees. With just a  few small modifications, creating the ideal workspace is a piece of cake. One of the easiest modifications to make  is using a laptop stand. Our ergonomic laptop stands  provide a healthy and proper posture while you work.

The benefits of a laptop stand
  • The laptop stand always offers the right viewing height;
  • Reduced physical strain in your neck, shoulders and upper back;
  • Increased comfort and improved productivity.
Different types of laptop stands
We offer a wide variety of different laptop stands to accommo-date the specific wishes of individual users. For example, we have laptop stands with integrated document holders, such as the Ergo-Q 260. Another example is the laptop stand  that allows cables to be hidden out of sight and which can be expanded with a docking station (the Ergo-T340). You can easily bring these compact, lightweight laptop stands with you  wherever you go. We also have two “fixed” laptop stands that  you set up permanently on your desk instead. These are made from acrylate, such as the Q-Note 350. Or our new circular laptop stand, The Ergo-Top 320.  
Close-up: UltraStand and ProStand
In addition to the more traditional laptop stands, we also offer a range of integrated laptop stands, such as the familiar UltraStand and the ProStand, the latest addition to our range. The latter is specifically designed for the MacBook Pro.
The thinnest and lightest laptop stand in the world
BakkerElkhuizen’s UltraStand is the thinnest and lightest laptop stand in the world. This integrated stand only weighs 250 grams and has a thickness of just two millimetres. You can easily attach it to the underside of your laptop. This integration makes the UltraStand the most mobile and user-friendly laptop stand that  is currently available. Now, we are proud to introduce the  ProStand for the MacBook Pro. 

Like the UltraStand, the ProStand is ideal for flexworkers. No matter where you work, this laptop stand allows you to create an ergonomic workspace anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, the ProStand provides additional protection for your MacBook Pro. With its seamless design, it perfectly matches the MacBook Pro’s modern appearance. This is due to the fact that the new ProStand was specifically designed for use with the  MacBook Pro models.
“ ProStand and UltraStand: ultimate comfort through integration with your laptop ”
The key benefits of the ProStand
  • Design: perfectly matches your MacBook Pro.
  • Ease of use: create an ergonomic mobile workspace in seconds.
  • Mobile: like a second skin for your laptop, so you can easily take it with you.
  • Adjustable: easily adjustable to one of three different height levels
  • Lightweight: just 125 grams.
  • Ideal: the laptop stand can be permanently attached to your MacBook Pro with one simple move.
The benefits of the UltraStand
  • Ergonomic: your laptop screen is always positioned at the right height.
  • Ease of use: create a mobile workspace in seconds.
  • Mobile: like a second skin for your laptop, so you can easily take it with you.
  • Extremely thin: 2 mm. • Lightweight: just 250 grams.
  • Custom solution: fits any type of laptop (also compatible with docking stations if need be).
Scientific studies
Swedish and Dutch studies have shown that using one of  BakkerElkhuizen’s ergonomic laptop stands together with an external keyboard and mouse can raise your productivity by up to 17%. It also significantly improves your posture as you work. The strain on your neck decreases by 32% and your comfort level improves by 21% (Lindblad, 2004). Your lower arms are held in  a more natural position, which has a clear positive effect on  physical strain (Boersma, 2002).
At home, on the road or in the office
As a laptop user, you can easily create a healthy and comfortable workspace that meets occupational health and safety standards by using an UltraStand or ProStand together with an ergonomic mouse and a compact keyboard, such as the BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 950 – at home, on the road or in the office.

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