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Case: Flexible Working for Securex in Flanders

Download PDF Together with the Netherlands, Flanders is one of the trendsetters in the field of Flexible Working. In the last few years, at Securex, the Belgian specialist in HR services and social administration, staff have increasingly worked less at the head office. To ensure that the flexible working proceeds as ergonomically as possible, Securex nowadays provides all its laptop users with BakkerElkhuizen’s Ergo-Q 260 as standard.

Shared expertise
To be able to serve a customer such as Securex well, good cooperation between BakkerElkhuizen and its dealers in Europe, in this case Discorp, is a requirement. Peggy Vossen, Account Manager at BakkerElkhuizen: “In Belgium, we have worked together with Discorp for the last five years already. They operate in a way that is very niche-orientated. Companies can go to them for all the accessories associated with computer work, from USB sticks to memory cards and, of course, ergonomic computer accessories. Discorp is very service-orientated and fully proficient in making life easier for its customers in the field of computer requisites. We complement each other well; BakkerElkhuizen is substantively strong and has the product knowledge, and Discorp has an excellent relationship with end users and good logistics. Discorp was already a supplier for Securex and told us that there were certain ergonomic needs for staff who work a lot on the road. In Belgium, no working conditions act is in force as it is in the Netherlands, but with the shared expertise of BakkerElkhuizen and Discorp we can help companies such as Securex, which are serious about injury prevention and the health of their staff. We went and talked to Securex, with the person responsible for IT and the ergonomist. We took stock of what the wishes and needs were with respect to ergonomic, responsible, flexible working and together came up with a suitable solution.

Proactive attitude
The person responsible for the IT helpdesk of Securex, Luc Vanden Hende, explained why they chose to issue the Ergo-Q 260 to all their laptop users: “Within our organisation, we attach great importance to the welfare of our staff. For as far as ergonomics is concerned, this means that we are proactive and do not wait until staff have complaints. We also employ an ergonomist; he is the person who offers solutions to allow staff to work as comfortable as possible, even at mobile workplaces. In this way, we got talking with Discorp about how we can equip our staff, who are increasingly working at places other than head office, as well as possible. They sit at their laptops a lot and because we did not want everyone to themselves purchase a randomly-selected laptop raiser, we looked for a better solution. We believe in flexible working within Securex, but we want it to occur as ergonomically as possible. Discorp told us about the Ergo-Q 260, the laptop holder of BakkerElkhuizen, and how this stimulates a healthy working posture. After a trial run lasting a few weeks, we decided to equip all laptop users with the Ergo-Q 260. An extra plus point is that our own Securex logo is on the Ergo-Q, which looks very professional. A difference with our former approach is that we now equip each laptop with the Ergo-Q 260 as standard and not on request. In this way, we can ensure that all our mobile staff can always sit in the right posture.
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