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Flexible working resulting in more variation in workplaces

As more and more organizations introduce flexible working, the need for equally flexible and mobile workplaces is rising sharply. To a slightly lesser degree, this extends to the home workplace too. What kinds of challenges are associated with these new workplace concepts when it comes to ergonomics?
Fixed vs. flexible
Although the fixed workplace is still commonplace, especially in the UK, Germany and Belgium, almost half of the organizations in these countries also provide flexible workplaces. These are workplaces that any employee in an organization can use. The mobile workplace, a temporary workplace for employees on the go, is even somewhat more popular. In Belgium, 60% of organizations offer mobile workplaces. In Germany, this is 56% and in the UK 46%. The Netherlands ranks at the top with 66% of the organizations providing flexible workplaces and no less than 80% supplying them with mobile workplaces. The use of home workplaces is on the rise but this workplace is less widespread. In the Netherlands, 37% of employers provide a home workplace, followed by Germany with 36% and the UK with 29%. Belgium leads the way with 43% of employees providing home workplaces.

Workplace concepts
With the increase in flexible and mobile workplaces, it’s only natural that IT managers in the various countries mention the laptop as the most important tool for supporting flexible working. A laptop, however, is not really designed for comfortable efficient use throughout the entire workday. What it needs are the proper accessories. This is why BakkerElkhuizen has developed workplace concepts for fixed, flexible, mobile and home workplaces. After all, with the right accessories, employees can conduct their computer-based activities in an ergonomically responsible way wherever they are. Easily adjustable accessories such as monitor arms and document holders,are indispensable for a flexible workplace whereas an employee often on the move, simply needs a light portable notebook stand and compact keyboard.
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