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Implementation of a good 'Hybrid Working' policy

Set up your workstation(s) as optimally as possible!
Based on knowledge and research, BakkerElkhuizen creates innovative solutions for your optimal workplace. Our goal is to enable all screen-based employees to do their work in the form of hybrid working, also in the post-COVID-19 setting, and thereby make an active contribution to mental and physical health. True to our motto "Work Smart, Feel Good".

We support the implementation of a good 'Hybrid Working' policy with our knowledge, physical workplace solutions and our corporate health software. We identify 5 types of workplaces, which serve as a guideline for compiling a Hybrid Working policy.
Five types of workplaces
Each employee uses an individual mouse and keyboard and takes it along everywhere. This is the only way to guarantee flexibility, hygiene and ergonomics.

The keyboard
On average, your fingers travel 32 km on a keyboard in a day. A good keyboard is essential! Yet many of us still use the standard full-sized keyboard with fixed numeric element, which is often supplied with the computer. You work more comfortably with a compact keyboard because it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse (Cook C, et al., 1998). It also reduces the strain on the lower arms and the shoulder.

A good keyboard:
  • Offers a perfect typing experience (operating force, key travel, keys)
  • Provides appropriate tactile feedback
  • Provides sufficient contrast (light keys with dark letters facilitate reading - ISO 9241) and contributes to higher productivity (Snyder, 1990).
  • Is light and not overly thick (for mobility and preventing bent wrists)

The mouse
We use the mouse 50-65% of our time at the computer. This makes the mouse the most used accessory at our workplace. With a standard mouse, you turn or tilt your wrist inwards, which can lead to discomfort and even health issues.
Research shows that a separate mouse used with a laptop leads to a clear performance improvement (Sommerich et al., 2002). The replacement of a standard mouse with an ergonomic variant also increases the comfort considerably. At home, just like at the office, a good desk, chair and (additional) monitor are necessary. The design of the home office may be different from that of the traditional office (because of the space available), but for every situation and for every use, there is a practical solution.

Our products
The five types of hybrid workstations:
1. Fully mobile
The fully mobile employee works with optimum flexibility. A primary work location cannot be established, and work is carried out at a large number of different work locations during a working day. Mobile devices can be used when it is not possible or practical to set up a permanent workplace at a work location (including at home). Your personal mouse and keyboard completed with:
2. Primarily at home
The hybrid employee with the main workplace at home must have equipment that optimally supports him ergonomically. In the office and elsewhere, he can also work mobile. He has his own mouse, keyboard and laptop stand as well as a home office with:
  • Desk: WORK & MOVE Desk Home
  • Chhair: Hag Capisco 8106
  • Monitor arm: Filex Galaxy Modular Single

3. Primarily office with fixed workstation
The hybrid employee with his primary workplace at a fixed, individual office only works occasionally at other locations. His office workplace must be able to be tailored to him in a single adjustment session. You have the mobile work equipment, such as a keyboard and mouse, as well as a desk workstation consisting of:
4. Primarily office with flex workstation
The hybrid employee with a flexible workplace in the office shares it with others and must be able to adapt it quickly and easily to their needs. At home, they can opt for an individual workstation or for mobile working. You have the mobile work equipment, such as a keyboard and mouse, as well as a shared desk with the following options:
5. Collaboration with mobile option
The office will increasingly be characterised by creative collaboration and (knowledge) exchange between employees. At the same time, such spaces can also be arranged flexibly, so that employees can also work in them on a temporary basis. You have the mobile work equipment, such as a keyboard and mouse, and can use this meeting option even more flexibly: ​​​​​​

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