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WORK & MOVE increases your movement by 200%

A research study conducted by a prominent American university in cooperation with a large company operating in the oil industry reports very good news. The study has demonstrated that where our WORK & MOVE software is applied, the use intensity of electric sit/stand desks increases by more than 200%, compared to the use of sit/stand desks without this software. This means that using our software, the return on investment (ROI) of sit/stand desks can be achieved much faster. This software remembers employees to alternate between sitting and standing.

In this way, the software ensures that employees use their sit/stand desks correctly, meaning that they do not sit or stand for too long. It was also found that if the software is used in combination with sit/stand furniture, employees move 40% more. This proves that our software has a positive effect in all sorts of work situations.

We are therefore proud to announce that the positive effects, claimed by us, of the WORK & MOVE on the health, the ability to concentrate, the creativity and the energy level of your employees have now been proven by an independent study. And this also confirms that due to a more intensive use of the office furniture, WORK & MOVE software achieves a higher return on investment (ROI) in a shorter time span.

WORK & MOVE in brief
WORK & MOVE is the personal coach that ensures sufficient alternation between concentrated computer-based work and mental and physical exercise. This software provides insight into and feedback on the computer-related behaviour. Based on a personal need, the software advises the best possible work-move-rest rhythm and helps the employee to make himself or herself familiar with this rhythm. By periodically introducing mental and physical exercise moments, the employee stays more focused and more energetic, makes fewer mistakes, and the quality of the work improves. WORK & MOVE ensures that an employee can do more during a working day and has more energy left at the end of a working day.

WORK & MOVE™ philosophy
At BakkerElkhuizen we believe that prolonged stable concentration is a myth and that prolonged sitting gives rise to many health problems. If an employer expects an employee to work with full concentration and for a long time in a sitting posture, you will see that this negatively affects the results, both in the short and the long term. More mistakes, lower productivity, less concentration, less creativity, more nervous exhaustion complaints and a higher absenteeism rate.

"Be good to your brain and body, have a pitstop from time to time!"

We are aware that employees should be able to recharge their batteries from time to time. This is why BakkerElkhuizen aims for an innovative behavioural change programme. A smart software tool that, through dynamic ‘’nudges’’, invites your employees to move, that ensures alternation between sit/stand moments and offers cognitive pitstops. The name of that tool is WORK & MOVE. WORK & MOVE allows employees to work in a more targeted manner and to stay vital and sustainably deployable over the long term.

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