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Would you like peace and quiet in a busy open-plan office?

  • Simple no tools needed to install the MindPod.
  • Design with its smooth and matted black steel the MindPod has an open and modern look.
  • Modular the MindPod can be modularly expanded from a single to a double or quadruple configuration.
  • Including LED lighting, ventilator and acoustic panels.
  • Peace of mind we take care of transport and installation.
  • Safe safety glass and fire-proof materials.
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Would you like peace and quiet in a busy open-plan office?
" Create a quiet space in which you can concentrate. "
Complete The MindPod comes completely fitted, including acoustic panels. LED lighting, safety glass, acoustic ceiling and a ventilator.
Flexible The MindPod can be used in different set-ups, providing your office environment with a single, double or quadruple MindPod set-up.
Simple No tools are needed for setting up the MindPod. The MindPod is quickly ready for use.
Design This concentration workplace has a modern and open design. The glass panels in combination with matted steel provide a sleek, open look.
Safe The MindPod is fitted with safety glass and fire-proof acoustic panels.
Peace of mind
Peace of mind The complete MindPod can be transported on a double pallet. We can also handle transport and installation for you.
With respect to the office space, it is advised to apply a minimal ventilation of 31 m3/hour per person doing light physical work. In our MindPod, we reach a ventilation that is double this advised amount (60 m3/hour per person).

We can experience noise pollution in different ways. A noise volume that is just (too) loud can already be a considerable nuisance. Especially when the noise is persistent for a long time. Your capacity to concentrate can also get disturbed when you can follow the conversations around you. Our MindPod contains acoustic panels. These sound absorbing panels can minimise the effects of resonance (reverberation of the sound) and, therefore, limit the noise nuisance.
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Concentration workplace: mobile  & <br/> modular
Concentration workplace: mobile  & <br/> modular
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