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The refreshing, new Scandinavian alternative

BakkerElkhuizen is expanding its range of ergonomic computer mice with three new products. The Mousetrapper Advance 2.0, the successor to the Mousetrapper Advance. The Prime, the high-end centrally positioned mouse, and the Flexible, most suitable for flexi-workers. The Mousetrapper is a centrally positioned mouse (central mouse) that ensures a correct ergonomic posture.

Mousetrapper Prime

Anything you expect from a Mousetrapper and more. With eight programmable buttons, wireless operation and new scroll functions, this mouse is comprehensive and adjustable to your personal preferences.

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Advantages Prime

The Mousetrapper is an ergonomic central mouse. The word 'central' says it all; the mouse is positioned in front of your keyboard, which means you automatically adopt an ergonomic posture. Your arms stay close to your body and your hands stay close to the keyboard. Mousetrapper is a good precision mouse.

With a total of 8 programmable buttons, Mousetrapper prime can be customised to your personal preferences. In addition, the mouse can be either used without USB cable or wireless and it has been completed with new scroll functions. The battery lasts 6 months.


High-quality materials
The materials used for the Mousetrapper prime are high-quality. The wrist support is made from easy to clean PU leather and can easily be replaced.

Using MT Keys increases productivity. It allows you to both create personal profiles per application and define your own shortcuts, which will save minutes a day. You quickly get accustomed to using the Mousetrapper.
The Mousetrapper prime comes with a mat that can be folded out and placed under the keyboard. This way, this central mouse is seamlessly incorporated into all standard keyboard setups

Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 and Flexible

The Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 is the bestseller from the Moustrapper collection. The Advance 2.0 has been given a new look. It has six programmable buttons in total, so that it can be customised to the user’s personal preferences. The mouse is compatible with the latest operating systems. Mousetrapper Flexible has a narrow design, and is lightweight and wireless. Although it is the most compact Mousetrapper mouse, no compromises have been made where the features are concerned. It has nine programmable buttons, wireless technology and click and scroll functions, making it as comprehensive as the other central mice.

Reasons to buy
Advance 2.0 Flexible
Wireless No Yes, batterylife 2 months
Functionality 6 MT Keys with personal profiles can be added 9 MT keys with personal profiles can be added
Layout Slim, ergonomic design. Control pad with click and scroll functions Compact, portable. Ideal for flex workers.
Efficiency Using MT Keys increases productivity. It allows you to both create personal profiles per application and define your own shortcuts, which will save minutes a day. You quickly get accustomed to using the Mousetrappe.

What makes the Mousetrapper better than other centralised mouse devices?

The biggest difference between the Mousetrapper and other centralised mouse devices is that the Mousetrapper does not use a roll bar. The Mousetrapper has a larger surface area for your fingers to glide over. As such, your movements are therefore less fixated than when using a roll bar. This way, your fingertips always have complete control and you are able work more efficiently and with greater precision.

Other advantages:
  • People get used to the Mousetrapper very quickly
  • The control pad works much faster than a roll bar
  • The Mousetrapper enables a greater degree of precision
  • No need to install drivers for the MT keys; they can be assigned locally
  • When using a central mouse with a roll bar, you tend to accidentally touch the roll bar while typing, resulting in unwanted actions taking place. This problem does not occur with Mousetrapper.
Has the Mousetrapper piqued your interest? Would you like to start using this mouse? Then contact us and enquire about the options.
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