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During the call I notice that my own volume drops, how is that possible?
Often we start talking a little bit louder while on the phone without being aware of it ourselves. This is often unnecessary and can be disturbing for your colleagues. With the Tilde Air this problem can be tackled.

The technology in this product ensures that you immediately notice how loud you speak. When you hear yourself talking, you will immediately notice whether it is too loud and whether it can also be quieter. This then contributes to a calmer working environment for you and your colleagues.
How can I make calls, listen to music, or use Siri and Google Assistant?
Watch the handy instruction video here (only takes one minute).
How do I charge the Tilde Air?
Charging is easy with the micro-USB cable.
How do I choose the right earplugs and best fit them on your ear?
Watch the handy instruction video here. (takes only one minute).
How do I connect with Bluetooth?
Watch the handy instruction video here (only takes one minute)
How do I use sound and voice filter?
Watch the instruction video here (takes only one minute).
How do I wear the Tilde Air?
The Tilde Air weighs only 40 grams and has a very flexible neckband, so you hardly notice that you are wearing the Tilde Air. You can therefore wear it all day long without it becoming annoying or heavy for you.

So you don't have to take off your Tilde every time you leave your workplace to get coffee or a print, for example. You can take your ears off and then put them back in when you feel necessary. This way you will always have the Tilde with you if you unexpectedly want to make a phone call.
How do the solutions differ from Tilde to other headset solutions?
Tilde Air is a production that has pushed the boundaries of active noise cancellation. With unique technology for selective and targeted noise cancellation that is unique in the world, Tilde headphones can filter noise to help you focus on the sounds that you really want to hear, like the person speaking to you.

Unlike existing headsets, the Tilde Air offers the perfect balance between focusing and collaboration.

In addition, with the Tilde Air you can set the active noise reduction per decibel. Other headsets do not offer this, it is often the case that you have the choice between on / off. Or, that you can only choose from a few modes.
How does Active Noise Canceling work?
Headphones with active noise cancelling are headphones that reduce unwanted ambient noise. This is different from passive headphones that, when they reduce ambient noise at all, use techniques such as sound isolation.

The Tilde Air Premium has an active noise reduction that is adjustable from 0 to -30dB. With the Tilde Air Premium you can filter ambient sounds in an adaptable manner and communicate sound-free and / or work concentrated.
How good is the quality of the telephone conversation with the Tilde?
The quality of the telephone call is an important point for us. Thanks to the 6 microphones that are intended to pick up voices and block out ambient noise, telephone conversations are crystal clear for both the user and the interlocutors with Tilde.
How long do I have a warranty on the Tilde Air?
You have a 2 year warranty after purchase.
How long does it take to fully charge the Tilde Air?
The Tilde Air is equipped with Quick Charge technology. Full charging only takes two hours.

And in just 30 minutes it is 50% charged.

Our advice: charge the Tilde Air during your lunch break.
How many devices can I connect the Tilde Air to at the same time?
Via Bluetooth 4.2 you can connect the Tilde Air to 2 devices simultaneously.
Is it possible to use the Tilde while it is being charged?
Yes, you can still use the Tilde Air while it is being charged.
Is the Tilde Air compatible with all devices?
The Tilde Air can be used in Bluetooth with all types of devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) and with all operating systems (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.).

For devices that do not have bluetooth, the Tilde Air can also be connected via USB-Jack. It is also possible to use a Bluetooth dongle to favor this type of connection.
What are the different types of noise canceling functions available?
Tilde Air offers three modes based on the noise reduction functions:
  1. Concentration mode: adjustable noise reduction from 0 to 30 dB,
  2. Collaboration mode: filtering the voice at 60 ° in front,
  3. Communication mode: noise-free HD phone calls / video conferencing.
In addition to these three main modes, the user can connect to his / her Bluetooth devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and take advantage of the High Definition audio quality, to listen to music, watch a video, etc.
What is the useful life of the Tilde Air?
The Tilde Air batteries, when fully charged, last 8 to 12 hours.
What types of 'earbuds' are supplied with the Tilde Air?
Each Tilde Air comes with hypoallergenic silicone earphones and memory foam in three different sizes: S, M, L.
What's in the box?
  • The Tilde Air
  • 3 Silicone earplugs. Sizes: S, M, L
  • 3 Foam earplugs. Sizes: S, M, L
  • Micro USB cable
  • 3 different colored loops that you can put on your Tilde to recognize. (2 light green, 1 orange and 1 blue loop)
  • a 'bag' specially made to safely store the Tilde Air. Accessories such as the Micro USB cable and earplugs also fit here.
Who is the Tilde Air suitable for?
The Tilde Air is a headset that is mainly intended for employees in open offices and is also very suitable for the large number of home workers at the moment.

But also very suitable if you want to concentrate for a while when you are working on the train or at another flexible location.
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