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Does the keyboard have backlit keys?
No, this keyboard does not.
Does this keyboard have a QWERTY or AZERTY layout?
We have this keyboard in both layouts.

This keyboard is available in various layouts, suitable for different countries.
How do I turn on the Num Lock?
Sie schalten es ein, indem Sie auf die Verknüpfung Num Lock klicken.

Halten Sie dann die Fn-Taste gedrückt und drücken Sie gleichzeitig die gewünschte Nummer auf Ihrer Tastatur.
Which operating systems is the keyboard compatible with?
The UltraBoard 950 Wired is compatible with:
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 en 10
  • Mac OS 10.5.x of hoger
  • Linux
Basically, the keyboard works as long as the system supports USB keyboards. However, the hot keys (multimedia keys, etc.) may not work properly on non-Windows operating systems.
Why does the keyboard not respond when plugged in?
This can have various causes, you can try the following options:

Try connecting the keyboard to a different USB port. Preferably one that is directly connected to the PC.

After that, restart your computer.
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