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Do I have to switch the keyboard on / off?
No, the keyboard connects automatically when it is connected by the USB cable. When the USB cable is removed from the USB port, the connection is also automatically terminated. Therefore you do not have to switch off the keyboard with an on / off button.
Does the keyboard have a USB port?
Yes, the UltraBoard 960 Standard Compact has 2 USB ports.
Does the keyboard have illuminated keys?
No, the keyboard has no illuminated keys.
How do I activate the keyboard?
Connect the UltraBoard 960 Standard Compact Keyboard to your PC or laptop with the integrated USB cable. The keyboard will then work within a few seconds.
How do I activate the NumLock?
You switch on the NumLock by clicking on the NumLock shortcut.

Then press the desired number on your keyboard.
How do I use the ASCII codes such as Alt number combinations?
Type: Alt code (eg 127) the symbol or letter will then appear immediately, if this is not the case, type again: ENTER key.

You have to type in the code (eg 127) using the integrated numeric part, so if you want to type in the "1" you have to type: Alt "49", etc.
(NumLock does not have to be switched on).

Check a full list with all Alt codes here.
How do the multimedia keys work?
The function keys F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12 support Windows multimedia use. Hold down the Fn key and then press F7 to F12 to use these functions.
How many centimeters is this keyboard narrower compared to a standard keyboard?
This is approximately 8-10 cm.
How many keys does the keyboard have?
How many shortcuts are there? And which?
The UltraBoard 960 has 5 shortcuts: ScrollLock, PauseBreak, Mail, PrtScr and NumLock.
Is the keyboard adjustable in height?
Yes, the keyboard contains 2 legs, so you can tilt the keyboard towards you slightly.
Should there be batteries in the keyboard?
No, this keyboard does not require a battery (s).
The keyboard does not respond properly. What to do now?
This can have various causes, you can try the following options:

Try connecting the keyboard to a different USB port. Preferably one that is directly connected to your PC or laptop.

Then restart the computer.
What are concave keys?
The surface of the keys is designed so that your fingers are automatically directed to the center of the key, which promotes typing.
What is the length of the USB cable?
150 cm
Why are the keys white with black letters?
The keys of this compact keyboard have a light color with dark letters. This has the ergonomic advantage of a better contrast and much less reflection. The dark letters on the light background of the keyboard make reading easier and also ensure higher productivity.
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