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Does the mouse require special drivers?
The mouse is plug & play and uses the standard mouse and HID-drivers stored on the operating system.
The mouse does not respond when connected to the PC.
There are several possible causes. Try the following options:

Try connecting the mouse to a different USB port. Preferably one that is connected directly to the PC. Then restart your computer.

The pointer on the screen doesn’t follow the movements of the control pad, or lags behind.
This is probably due to dust or debris in the Mousetrapper near the sensors. In most cases, you can easily fix this yourself.

All you need is a can of compressed air (available from most office supply and electronics stores). Follow the steps below.
  • Disconnect the Mousetrapper from the computer.
  • Stand it on edge.
  • Press and hold the control pad in. Blow the compressed air into the gap that this creates. 
  • Wait about 5 minutes to make sure that any condensation that has occurred evaporates.
  • Then connect the Mousetrapper again and work as usual to see if the problem is gone.
With which OS is the mouse compatible?
Compatible with all PC and Mac computers with a USB port
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