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How do I adjust the gas spring?
After assembly, the cable must be adjusted. To do this, turn the adjusting screw on one of the two sides until the gap is approx. 19 mm. (Check the movement and if necessary make further adjustments by turning the adjusting screw further out)
How much time do you need to set up the table?
Approx. 15 minutes, all necessary tools are included with the table.
In how many positions can the table be used?
The table is infinitely adjustable from minimum 74 cm to 113 cm.
What is in the box?
The desk is packed in 2 boxes:

Box 1;
  • BNEWMDHFW - WORK & MOVE Desk Home Frame White: both gas columns attached to each other with the control cable
Box 2;
  • BNEWMDHWTW120 - WORK & MOVE Desk Home White 120x70 manual;
  • mounting bolts & nuts;
  • top shelf;
  • top frame;
  • floor frame.
What is the size of the table top?
120 cm wide and 70 cm deep.
What materials is the desk made of?
The frame is made of steel that is powder coated.

The top is made of plasticized particle board.
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