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Automatic Drive?
The option ‘’Automatic drive’’ enables the software to move the desk to the desired position, without you either holding down the shortcut Ctrl + Win + S or holding down the mouse button.
Once you tell W&M, you want to change position, it will automatically move your desk to the desired position.

In case of an emergency you either press any key on the keyboard or click with the mouse and W&M will stop moving the desk immediately.
Can I use WORK & MOVE: StiStandCOACH without a Sit Stand Desk?
Yes, you can use the software without a Sit Stand Desk. The software will prompt you to change your posture or to move around instead changing from sit to standing position or vice versa.
How do I change my default Sitting or Standing height?
Open the WORK & MOVE Dashboard. Click on the Settings button then click on the Configure desk button. Click on the Desk setup button. Follow the steps of the wizard.
How long is the trail period?
The trail period is 30 days from the first time you start WORK & MOVE SitStandCOACH.
How to change the display language of WORK & MOVE
Open the W&M dashboard. Click the settings button. Click the Configure Units button. Click on the language dropdown button and select the language you would like to use.

You can choose Dutch, English, French, German or Italian language.
Use WORK & MOVE: SitStandCOACH a year for free
You can use WORK & MOVE SitStandCOACH. one year for free by registering. With this registration, you agree to our license terms, you are automatically subscribed to our digital newsletter and your data will be periodically uploaded for anonymous reporting purposes to improve WORK & MOVE SitStandCOACH.
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