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Can I extend my type course?

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Can I follow this type course on my Apple Mac?
Can I practice my type course offline?

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Can I repeat the type games?

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Can I repeat typing lessons?


How can I declaim my course?
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How can I repeat my test examination?

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How long do I have acces for my type course?

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I do not receive e-mails including the results

answer coming soon

I have got a new e-mailaddress. How can I change this in my personal settings?
Login problems: I can not login / forgot or lost my password

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The colours on my computer screen are odd. How can I turn this settings on normal again?

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The login screen is turning white. Wat can I do to solve this?

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There is no button and a part of the practicing text is missing

In development

What is the duration time of this course?

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