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Mental and physical


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CtrlWORK helps knowledge workers use computers in a smarter, healthier, and more efficient way. CtrlWORK ensures users stay sharp by taking physical and mental breaks when needed.

CTGR Software CtrlWORK
CTGR Software CtrlWORK
CTGR Software CtrlWORK
Motivating: breaks based on time-management principles Efficiency: taking breaks when you need them leads to 2.4% fewer typing errors and an 11.3% increase in keystrokes. Feedback: CtrlWORK provides personalised feedback and reports on computer users' behaviour.
Logo CtrlWORK
Recent scientific research suggests that pit stops, using pause timer software while working at a computer, have a positive effect. The number of typing errors fell by 2.4%, the number of keystrokes increased by 11.3% and the energy levels of computer users remained at higher levels during the afternoon.
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  • CtrlWORK
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  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 10
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  • CTGR
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