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Mobile work with a healthy work posture

Ergo-Q Hybrid

Ergo-Q Hybrid stand
The Ergo-Q Hybrid is a compact and light stand suitable for tablets, laptops, and hybrid laptops.

This mobile stand has 4 adjustable heights, which lets you use the tablet in landscape or portrait mode.

Add an external keyboard and an external mouse and you have a veritable desktop PC. Mobile work with a healthy work posture is possible. The BakkerElkhuizen Ergo-Q Hybrid is suitable for hybrid devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (with Ergo-Q Hybrid lock functionality), and many tablets like the Galaxy Tab A 10.1, Tab 3 and Tab S2 9.7", as well as the iPad 2017, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and the Surface Pro 3 (only without the possibility of the Ergo-Q Hybrid lock functionality).
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Tablet Stand
Lay-out: 4 tablet height settings
BakkerElkhuizen BNEQH Tablet holders Ergo-Q Hybrid
Multifunctional: compatible with many tablets. Can also be used as a hybrid laptop stand. Layout: has 4 adjustable heights for tablets. Unique: the Ergo-Q Hybrid was developed especially for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. You can lock the tablet into position (lock functionality).
Ergo-Q Hybrid stand
Health & Safety RegulationsRecent scientific studies in the Netherlands and Sweden haveshown that working with an Ergo-Q notebook stand incombination with an external keyboard results in: 17% increased productivity, 21% increased comfort and 32% decreased neck torque (Lindblad 2003).
  • Name
  • Ergo-Q Hybrid
  • Width
  • 202 mm
  • Height
  • 15 mm
  • Depth
  • 293 mm
  • Weight
  • 600 gr
  • Product code
Dutch Design Made in Holland
BakkerElkhuizen BNEQH Tablet holders Ergo-Q Hybrid
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