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The newest phone box by BakkerElkhuizen


BakkerElkhuizen BNEBB BellBooth BellBooth
The BellBooth is the perfect solution for phone calls in modern and open-office spaces.

This entirely enclosed acoustic phone cell is a functional solution that makes it possible to conduct undisturbed phone calls and remain concentrated in open-office spaces.

The BellBooth is suitable for people who want to communicate in silence. The BellBooth is incredibly pleasant to use for both you and your colleagues. The way it works is simple: whenever someone receives a phone call, he or she walks to the BellBooth and has the conversation there. The amount of phone conversations keeps increasing, since we’re all available via mobile devices nowadays—and colleagues using the phone is still one of the largest causes of noise pollution in the workplace. In addition to providing a silent place to make phone calls, the BellBooth also stimulates your employees to alternate between a sitting and standing working posture. Employees receiving phone calls have to walk to the BellBooth, requiring them to move. The BellBooth is constructed from acoustic panels. These panels absorb environmental sounds, but more importantly also the sound produced by the person inside the BellBooth. The BellBooth is a suitable space to make phone calls in, but can also be used for Skype calls with colleagues or as a flexible workplace.
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BakkerElkhuizen BNEBB BellBooth BellBooth
BakkerElkhuizen BNEBB BellBooth BellBooth
BakkerElkhuizen BNEBB BellBooth BellBooth
Design: the BellBooth has a modern design—partly due to the use of glass and matted black steel. Includes: LED lighting, ventilator and acoustic panels. Unburdens: we arrange its delivery and assembly.
For offices in which light physical exertion takes place, the guideline is to ventilate the air at a minimum rate of 31m3/hour per person. Our BellBooth achieves double this recommended rate (60m3/hour per person). There are different ways to experience noise pollution. A (too) high volume alone can already be a nuisance—especially if the sound continues for a while. Your ability to concentrate can also be disrupted by audible conversations in your environment. Our BellBooth is equipped with acoustic panels. These sound-absorbing panels reduce the effects of reverberation (sound reflection), thereby reducing noise pollution.
BakkerElkhuizen BNEBB BellBooth BellBooth BakkerElkhuizen BNEBB BellBooth BellBooth BakkerElkhuizen BNEBB BellBooth BellBooth
  • Name
  • BellBooth
  • Width
  • 1280 mm
  • Height
  • 2250 mm
  • Depth
  • 680 mm
  • Product code
Dutch Design Made in Holland
BakkerElkhuizen BNEBB BellBooth BellBooth
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