Hybrid Working

The task determines the 'where', not the other way around. In hybrid work cultures, the choice of work location is not based on the available building, but on the type of work, the purpose of the activity, the desired degree of interaction, the efficiency of communication and the personal preferences of employees and customers.
Hybrid Working
What is Hybrid Working?

We can (almost) no longer ignore it and that is why now is the time to implement hybrid working within your organization. But what is Hybrid working, and what do you gain with it?

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The 3 Pillars of Hybrid Work

We must ask ourselves what the wishes are of the respective employees. Hardly anyone will want to work at home all week and many people will not be in the office all week either.

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Implementation of a good 'Hybrid Working' policy

Our goal is to enable all VDU workers, even after COVID-19, to do their work in the form of hybrid working, while making an active contribution to mental and physical health. True to our motto "Work Smart, Feel Good". We support the implementation of a good 'Hybrid Working' policy with our knowledge, physical workplace solutions and our corporate health software.

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