Safety Screens

Concentrated work thanks to acoustically effective material. The BE Safety Screens are made from sound-absorbing PET felt, which is not only reducing noise, but is also sustainable. The Safety Screens fit perfectly into any working environment and combine inconspicuous design with more privacy and hygiene in the office. 

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Safety Screens

Why safety screens?
COVID19 has a lasting influence on our office environment. The normal of “the new 2 meter office" requires hygiene, discipline, sufficient distance and safety. Working safe and protected with the computer becomes essential and BakkerElkhuizen supports you in achieving this in an aesthetic, hygienic, affordable, sustainable and circular manner.

Sustainable and circular!
BE Safety screens consist of 100% recycled raw materials and are fully recyclable: circular squared, as it were. In addition to hygienic protection, BakkerElkhuizen’s sustainable and circular ‘BE Safety screens’ also offer audiovisual privacy through the use of acoustic material combined with transparency.
How to install a safety screen?
Place a safety screen between desks easily and quickly, so that they do not have to be placed far apart. These dividers can be placed not only between desks, but also on the side of the desk. You can choose what the employee wants or what you think works best for all your employees in the office. Most importantly, with these safety screens, every employee is well protected behind his / her desk.
Why choose BE Safety Screens?
1. Made from recycled material
BE Safety screens consist of 100% recycled raw PET Felt and PET-G material and are fully recyclable: circular squared, as it were. At the end of life you can send the product back to us for a deposit, recycling and re-using the material to create new products.

2. Soft, yet strong!
Although the material appears soft, no compromises have been made for the required features such as load-bearing capacity, transparancy and privacy. These features are very strong, the PET-G windows are even 5x stronger than acrylic!

3. Improves privacy
Because PET Felt is a solid material, users have more privacy. If desired, all products are also available with transparant, PET-G windows which allows for more engagement with colleagues.

4. Noise reduction
PET felt demonstrates outstanding acoustic performance. Nowadays commonly used as acoustic material in order to decrease sound reverberating and increase privacy and concentration.

5. Cable management
You have nothing to worry about if there’s no cable management available in your desk. The BE Safety Screens are fitted with a panel brush in the center of the Backside panel to ensure cable management is a breeze.

6. Easy to clean and disinfect
Contrary to most expectations, PET Felt is highly resistant to chemicals and can be easily cleaned with water or alcohol based products, just like PET-G. Water or quality detergent cannot damage PET Felt or PET-G. If a stain remains, it is advised to dab it with a dry cloth while the PET Felt is still wet. Do not rub! Rubbing can damage the material.

7. BE Safety Screens are easy to install
The BE Safety Screens are easliy folded out and placed on the desk. A number of clamps (depending on the product) will insure the BE Safety Screen stays in place.

8. Flammability
Our PET felt products and PET-G windows are not easily flammable. With the flammability classes listed below we consider our products as safe in the office environment.

9. Standard and optional colours
BE Safety Screens are available in different colours. We have light grey and green in our range as standard. We are happy to work with you for other colours. Why not offer these products in corporate colours?
Want to buy a BE Safety Screen?
Would you like to know more about the different types of mudguards and their options? Or do you want to buy a BE Safety Screen and you want advice which is suitable for your workplace(s)? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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