Viewing Behaviour

When is your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile screen at the correct height? And what about the viewing distance? When positioning a screen, the viewing distance and angle must be taken into account. We now tell you all the factors that play an important role in proper positioning of the screen and all the ins and outs about setting up your screens.
Viewing Behaviour
Why a monitor arm is a good addition to an ergonomic workplace.

An ergonomic workstation promotes the comfort and productivity of DSE workers. It is easy to create the ideal workstation with a few minor adjustments. Monitor arms provide more space for your workstation and improve your posture.

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Laptop stands: An essential part of any ergonomic workspace

With some minor adjustments it is easy to create the ideal workplace. BakkerElkhuizen develops and supplies high-quality laptop stands for healthy workplaces.

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Whitepaper: Optimal performance with two or more computer screens

Nowadays we almost standard work with several programs at the same time. Positioning this information side by side, on two or more screens, is very practical. It prevents the chance of errors and provides overview and peace of mind. In this white paper we tell you more about the performance and health effects of working with multiple screens.

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Whitepaper: Is it possible to work comfortably on a tablet?

This whitepaper provides an introduction to healthy and smart working with the tablet. We tell you why a tablet is not actually made for long-term (business) use. We zoom in on the legislation and standards that exist around intensive tablet use. We also discuss the effects on people's health and performance. And finally, we offer you a handy decision aid for determining which tools best suit which type of tablet use.

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