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Your monitor should be positioned so the top of the screen is at eye-level, otherwise, your posture will be compromised. Our monitor stands enable you to position your monitor ergonomically so you can avoid health issues and work with more comfort.

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Ergonomic monitor stand for any workplace

BakkerElkhuizen develops and supplies high-quality monitor stands for nicer and healthier workplaces. An incorrectly placed screen causes neck and shoulder complaints. Good monitor risers can be set to exactly the right height and angle.

Comfortable working position
BakkerElkhuizen's monitor stands help prevent neck and shoulder complaints and ensure a comfortable working position. An optimal monitor position is much more comfortable and increases productivity by 10% compared to an incorrect position (Sommerich et al, 1998).

Correct position monitor stand
Placing the monitor too low can lead to increased neck tension. Placing it too high (the top should certainly not be above eye level) can also lead to problems. Perhaps even more important is the adjustability of the depth, so that an optimal viewing distance is always possible. As a result, the information is better absorbed and causes the least strain on the eyes.

So many different types of monitor stands
Our monitor stands are of high quality and Dutch Design. This means that they are designed and produced in the Netherlands. We have stands with and without a document holder. They wouldn't look out of place on your desk.

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Do you want tips on what a good workplace looks like? Then take a look at our 16 tips for a good workplace. You can do more than just buy a good monitor stand.

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