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UltraStand integrated laptopstandard Ultra thin laptopstandaard UltraStand laptop ergo set
The thinnest, lightest and most mobile notebook stand: like a second skin on your laptop. And you can take it everywhere, anytime.
The Ergo-Q 220 is a wafer-thin notebook stand that includes an integrated document holder. notebook ergo set Ultra thin notebook stand
Ergo-Q 220
Sturdy aluminium mobile design laptop stand.
The Ergo-Q 260 is a wafer-thin notebook stand that includes an integrated document holder. notebook ergo set Easy to use notebook stand
Ergo-Q 260
A complete laptop stand with integrated document holder. This lightweight stand is made out of aluminium.
The Ergo-Q 260 is a wafer-thin notebook stand that includes an integrated document holder. notebook ergo set Ergo-Q 260 12 inch
Ergo-Q 260 12 inch
12-inch version of mobile laptop stand with rotating document holder.
The Ergo-Q 330 is a notebook stand that includes an integrated document holder. notebook ergo set Compact notebook stand
Ergo-Q 330
Mobile functional laptop stand that fits into any laptop case.
BakkerElkhuizen BNET340 Notebook Stand Ergo-T 340 BakkerElkhuizen BNET340 Notebook Stand Ergo-T 340 BakkerElkhuizen BNET340 Notebook Stand Ergo-T 340
Ergo-T 340
Office laptop stand with unique docking station facility.
Flex top 270 laptop ergo set Thin Notebook stand
FlexTop 270
Work anywhere at the right screen height with your compact keyboard and mouse.
Flex top 270 12 inch laptop ergo set Dunne laptophouder
FlexTop 270 12 inch
The connected mobile laptop stand, always within reach.
PRM 340 BakkerElkhuizen BNEPRM340 Ergonomic notebook stand PRM340 Facility for: Ergo-T340
Universal Port Replicator Module for Ergo-T340.
Ergo-Top 320 laptop ergo set BakkerElkhuizen BNETOP320 Portable notebook stand Ergo-Top 320
Ergo-Top 320
Office laptop stand with integrated document holder.
BakkerElkhuizen BNEQNOTE350 Notebook stand Q-note 350 Laptop ergo set height range at back 11 - 23 cm
Q-note 350
Simple acrylate laptop stand.

Laptop stand

Laptop stands: Indispensable in an ergonomic workspace
An ergonomic workspace enhances the comfort and productivity of computer users. You can easily create the ideal workspace with just a few adjustments. One of the relatively simplest adjustments that a worker can make is using a laptop stand. Our ergonomic laptop stands help you adopt a healthy and proper work posture. We have a wide assortment of laptop stands.

An ergonomic laptop stand fosters productivity
Laptop stands elevate the laptop screen and shorten the viewing distance. You will have less neck strain and work more comfortably. An ergonomic laptop stand with a document holder also increases productivity. Because the documents are aligned with the screen and the keyboard, it is easier on the neck.

A variety of laptop stands
Our assortment includes a variety of laptop stands. There is the UltraStand, which attaches to the laptop like a second skin. The big advantage is that the laptop stand always moves with the laptop, so the right viewing height does not change. Then we have laptop stands with an integrated document stand, like the Ergo-Q 260. Another model is a laptop stand that allows you to hide the cables and make full use of a docking station (Ergo-T340). These are all compact, lightweight and flexible, easy-to-carry stands. We also have three ‘fixed’ laptop stands that you leave behind at your desk. They are made of acrylate, like the Ergo-Top 320.

Independent research: 17% higher productivity
Studies in Sweden and the Netherlands show that working with a BakkerElkhuizen ergonomic laptop stand in combination with an external keyboard and mouse increases productivity by 17%. The sitting position improves significantly. Neck strain drops by 32%, comfort improves by 21% (Lindblad, 2002), and the forearms are more neutrally positioned. Physical complaints clearly diminish (Boersma,2002).

According to Dutch regulations for occupational conditions (art. 5.1), people may not work on a laptop (without accessories) for more than two hours a day. In a laptop the keyboard and the screen are integrated. When an external keyboard and mouse are used, this legal restriction of two hours no longer applies. Do you want to find out more about the Dutch regulations? Read our whitepaper about Arbo (Dutch occupational) legislation.

Do you want to know more before buying?
An ergonomic keyboard helps you with a good, ergonomic posture. Because sitting behind a laptop without accessories is not a good thing. Do you want to find out more about the importance of a good laptop stand? Read our whitepaper about working comfortably with a laptop and watch our ergo video.

Do you want tips about what makes a good workspace? Take your time going over our 16 tips for a good workspace. You can in fact do more than just buy a good laptop stand.

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