Working with Mouse & Keyboard

Working with a computer is a process of interaction between the user and his computer. Information is mainly received visually or audibly and processed in the brain. Then data is entered with keyboard and mouse or by voice.

With the keyboard we travel up to 32 km and use the mouse 50-65% of our computer time. Working with the right input equipment thus has a huge impact on both our physical comfort and productivity.
Working with Mouse & Keyboard
What is the right mouse for me?

Computer mice are still the most-used accessory on people’s desks. Since different people need different types of mice, we present a practical overview below.

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Spotlight on the keyboard: what to know when buying one

We now use a computer mouse half our time, but we are increasingly encouraged to use keyboard shortcuts. What should you pay attention to when purchasing a (compact) keyboard?

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Less mouse use thanks to keyboard shortcuts

Reducing mouse use has two major advantages. It reduces physical stress and increases productivity. The greatest challenge to achieving this, however, is memorizing and actually using the shortcut keys.

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