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Our document holders allow you to position paperwork or digital devices at a height, angle and position on your desk to ensure good posture when reading. No more bending over to documents which are laying all over the desk. With a document holder you are able to read and enter data in comfortable way. We have a large range of document holders available to suit each individual and their workstation.

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Prevent neck complaints and work more efficiently with a document holder
Documents placed on the desk to the left or right of the computer place an excessive strain on the neck. BakkerElkhuizen document holders have been developed to prevent neck complaints so that work can be done more pleasantly and efficiently.


Working "in-line"

An ergonomic workplace promotes the comfort and productivity of VDU workers. With some minor adjustments it is easy to create the ideal workplace. Computer users often use documents, notes and reports while performing work on the computer. Unfortunately, it regularly happens that the body is extra burdened because these documents are scattered around the desk.
A document holder increases your productivity
An "in-line" document holder provides a functional work surface and achieves short viewing distances between document, screen and keyboard, increasing productivity. The space between the screen and keyboard is optimally utilized with a document holder. By using a document holder you create more overview and a clean desk, which leads to better concentration and therefore higher productivity.

Improving comfort leads to a 10% increase in productivity
Despite all kinds of health and safety laws, regulations and the good care of suppliers, there are still a lot of computer workstations in offices that are not ergonomically designed. In this article you will find a quick guide to making your workplace more comfortable and productive. There is a clear relationship between comfort and productivity. An improvement in comfort at a workplace leads to a productivity increase of 10% (Vink and De Korte, 2008). Reason enough to take a critical look at the layout of your workplace.
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A document holder increases your productivity
Most sold
For years, our most complete and best-selling document holder has been the FlexDesk 640. This is strong enough for placing multiple documents, thick books and binders, but there is also room for post-it notes and the mobile phone. This document holder has an easily movable work surface which can also be used as a writing surface. As a result, the user can also use the workspace as a writing surface, so he does not have to create two workstations: one for writing and one for computer work.
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FlexDesk 640 in use
Tips for your optimal workplace
Do you want tips on what a good workplace looks like? Then take a look at all our articles and tips that help you set up a good workplace.
Tips to set up a good workplace
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