Sitting & moving

Work Smart, Feel Good. This is a specific philosophy that BakkerElkhuizen uses to keep employees moving. Workplaces that embrace this philosophy offer possibilities for height-adjustable desks, active sitting, motivation to move and focused work. What does this look like in practice? We're going to explain that to you now!
Sitting & moving
Physical movement

Moving at your workplace makes you more productive, creative and energetic. Therefore, get employees moving physically & mentally. Prevent and reduce loss due to physical and health problems.

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Mental movement

In addition to the fact that hardware tools have a major impact on performance and physical work, which mental or behavioral changes are beneficial to work smart and have a positive influence on the working day? By playing the mind games in combination with the right hardware tools, a win-win situation is created.

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5 reasons why it is good for you to alternate between sitting/standing while you work

For many it may sound obvious: standing all day is not good for your health. And don't sit all day either. Yet many employers require their employees to remain standing all day, or vice versa. We now give you five reasons why this is not good for you.

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The link between sedentary staff and health problems

For centuries, researchers knew there was a link between sedentary staff and health problems. In 1700, for example, an Italian physician, Bernardino Ramazini, noted that tailors who sat at work were not as healthy as deliverymen who walked while they worked (Ramazzini, 1713). Generations later, a British study (Morris & Crawford, 1958) showed that cardiovascular disease was less frequent and less severe among bus conductors and postmen than among bus drivers and telephone operators, who were more likely to do sedentary work.

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WORK & MOVE leads to more variation between standing up and sitting down

Can people be nudged with software that tells them when it's time to stand or sit down again? Texas A&M University researched it. For example, employees appear to use sit-stand desks best if they are always given a nudge of the WORK & MOVE software.

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Good and active sitting

Active sitting is a way of working with an office chair, regularly changing working positions and performing movements that are comparable to the natural movements of walking or standing. Dynamic office chairs are often used to encourage movement while sitting. This contributes to physical and mental health, as well as longer concentration and better cognitive performance.

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How do I choose the right office chair?

Today's office chairs are generally all adjustable in height, which is mandatory for any office chair, to suit the specific user, their tasks and preferences.

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