Whitepaper - Light at your workplace

Lighting plays a crucial role in office spaces, directly affecting employees' well-being and productivity. Poor lighting can lead to reduced motivation, concentration and even health problems. Find out in our whitepaper how you can not only identify these problems but also solve them effectively!
Whitepaper - Light at your workplace
In this free whitepaper, you will discover:


  • The impact of poor lighting: How the lack of natural light and static artificial light negatively affects employees' circadian rhythms and overall satisfaction.
  • Strategies for optimal lighting: Practical solutions for incorporating dynamic light that simulates daylight, improving both light quality and user experience.
  • Common complaints and their solutions: How targeted lighting solutions can help reduce complaints such as fatigue, stress and seasonal affective disorders.
  • Three innovated lighting solutions: From complete renovations with EnergyByLight to budget-friendly modifications that still offer significant improvements.
Improve your team's productivity and mental well-being! Download our whitepaper now and immediately see the difference in your working environment.

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