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FIX CPU Holder BNECPUFIX CPU holder CPU Holder Fix BNECPUFIX CPU holder CPU Holder Fix
CPU Holder Fix
Prevent excessive dust at your workspace with this CPU holder.
Universal QC CPU Holder BNECPUQC CPU holder Universal QC BNECPUQC CPU holder Universal QC
Universal QC
Design CPU holder (W: 40-125 ; H: 225-435 mm).

CPU holder

BakkerElkhuizen delivers professional CPU holders that protect your computer from dust and dirt. These CPU holders, made of high-quality materials, also provide excellent protection from damage, for example when your office space is being cleaned.

CPU holders save space

Having the PC (desktop computer) on the desk (beneath the monitor) takes up a lot of space. For this reason, people often place the PC on the floor under the desk. This risks more dust getting into the PC and having the PC in the way when the area under the desk has to be cleaned.

Cleaning the workstation

A CPU holder makes it possible to suspend the PC beneath the desk. This saves space and makes it easier to clean the workstation.

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