Ergonomic office chairs

Our office chairs are all designed to provide the support your body needs when working, keeping you healthy and happy to "inspire great work". All chairs encourage movement while sitting, offer comfort, avoid back pain, and improve your focus and productivity at work. Check out our office chairs and find the perfect one for you!

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Ergonomic office chairs
People often only look for a new office chair when pain in the back, neck and/or legs is experienced. If you have an office job or work from home a lot, you may well spend many of these hours sitting on your desk chair. If you sit on an office chair that is not ergonomic, too small or too large, it can quickly prevent you from getting pain. With ergonomic office chairs from HÅG, complaints are a thing of the past.

Benefits of ergonomic office chairs
Compared to regular office chairs, ergonomic office chairs have a number of interesting advantages. Because these chairs stimulate movement, you reduce the risk of physical complaints. The movement created by the ergonomic office chairs interrupts a position that is too static. When the body is activated, the muscles will be less stressed and the blood circulation will proceed in a normal way. As a result, you will experience less physical discomfort.

Ergonomic office chairs also provide a better sitting position. Good posture ensures that you sit more comfortably on your desk chair. This advantage in turn has a positive effect on your work performance. A good sitting posture makes you feel fitter during work. Your physical health is therefore always reflected in the performance you deliver. Are you feeling fit? Then you do a better job, because you are not distracted by any physical complaints or inconveniences.
Custom office chair
If you want to buy a custom office chair, it is in our opinion the most important that it fits well. This means that it provides good support where necessary and is tailored to the dimensions of the user. If you want a custom office chair, you can choose from different versions and accessories.
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A customized office chair
Ergonomic office chair against back pain
In our range we have many different office chairs that stimulate movement. Our office chairs can therefore be made to measure because they have a large amount of adjustment options. Thanks to these adjustment options, you can set the chair in such a way that you sit relaxed but still active.

Buy an ergonomic office chair
Do you experience pain or stiffness while sitting? Then it's time to buy an ergonomic office chair. In our range we have chairs that are especially for back problems. If you suffer from neck complaints, go for our chairs for neck complaints.

Price of an ergonomic office chair
Buying an ergonomic office chair does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. You have come to the right place for an affordable ergonomic office chair. We have different office chairs in different price categories. Are you curious about the different options or are you unable to figure it out? Please contact one of our specialists.


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