Your feet hang in the air while you sit at your workstation and the table or chair is not sufficiently adjustable? With our footrests you can place your feet completely flat and adopt a healthy ergonomic posture.

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Footrests and footstools
With a footrest you raise the surface on which you place your feet. Ergonomic footrests can easily be placed under your desk and ensure a comfortable sitting position and help prevent back and shoulder complaints.

What we often see happening in practice is the following: people sitting on the edge of their seats to get their feet on the ground. This often leads to a leaning forward sitting position.

1. Why a footrest?
If your feet do not rest on the floor in a normal sitting position, a footrest can still ensure a healthy working posture. When you sit, without your feet touching the floor, this can lead to 'pressure' in your legs. This impedes blood flow to and from your legs. A consequence that can arise; sleeping feet and legs.

2. When a footrest?
If your worktop cannot be adjusted or not sufficiently in height, a footrest can offer a solution. It is especially important for flexible workplaces that the footrest can be adjusted quickly and easily. The footrest must be at least 45 cm wide and 35 cm deep, have an adjustment range of at least 11 cm and the angle of inclination of the support surface must be adjustable from at least 5 to 15 degrees (DIN4556).

3. Footrest function
The adjustment range, the angle of inclination and a non-slip support surface are important aspects here. Furthermore, a footrest for a desk is sometimes used as a stepping aid when working on a high office chair, for example at a desk workplace.

4. How do you use a footrest?
When you are working at your desk and want to use a footrest properly, you should place it directly in front of you under your desk. You maintain an ergonomic working position when you make a 90-degree angle with your legs. This means that your lower legs are vertical and your upper legs horizontal.
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