Implementation of a good 'Hybrid Working' policy

As a company you have a duty of care to provide your employees, whether at the office or at home, with the right (ergonomic) aids and to inform employees well about working anywhere. We therefore support the implementation of a good 'Hybrid Working' policy with our knowledge, physical workplace solutions and our company health software. 
Implementation of a good 'Hybrid Working' policy
The use of personal accessories in the workplace
Five types of workplaces
We distinguish five types of workplaces, which can serve as a guide when putting together an organisation's Hybrid Workplace policy.
Each employee uses an individual mouse and keyboard and takes them everywhere. This is the only way to guarantee flexibility, hygiene and ergonomics.

The keyboard
On average, your fingers travel 32 km on a keyboard in a day. A good keyboard is essential! Yet many of us still use the standard, often supplied with the computer, full-size keyboard with fixed numeric part. With a compact keyboard, you work more comfortably because it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse (Cook C, et al., 1998). It reduces stress on the forearms and shoulder.

A good keyboard:
  • Provides a perfect typing feel (actuation force, keytravel, keys)
  • Provides the right tactile feedback
  • Provides sufficient contrast (light keys with dark letters facilitate reading - ISO 9241) and contributes to higher productivity (Snyder, 1990).
  • Is light and not too thick (for mobility and preventing bent wrist)

The mouse
We use the mouse 50-65% of our time at the computer. This makes the mouse the most frequently used accessory in our workplace. With a standard mouse, your wrist twists or tilts inwards, which can lead to discomfort and even complaints.
Research shows that a loose mouse in use with a laptop leads to a clear performance improvement (Sommerich et al., 2002). Replacing a standard mouse with an ergonomic variant then significantly increases comfort. 

But also at home, as in the office, a good desk, chair and (extra) monitor are necessary. The arrangement at home may be different from the office (due to the space available), but there is a practical solution for every situation, for every use.

Our products:


Your mouse & keyboard plus:
The fully mobile worker works very flexibly. A primary work location cannot be established and work is performed at a wide variety of work locations during a working day.

Mobile tools can be used when it is not possible or practical to set up a fixed workstation at a work location (including at home). Your personal mouse and keyboard complemented by:
Your own mouse, keyboard and laptop stand plus:
The hybrid worker with the main workplace at home must have equipment that supports him ergonomically ideally. In the office and elsewhere, he can also work on the move.

Your own mouse, keyboard and laptop stand as well as a home office with:
For your desk workplace
The hybrid employee with the primary workplace at a fixed and individual workplace in the office only occasionally works at other locations. His office workstation should be able to be optimally tailored to him once.

You have the mobile work equipment, such as a keyboard and mouse, as well as an office workstation consisting of:

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