Workplace: Fully mobile

The fully mobile employee works very flexibly. As a mobile worker, it is very important that you have ergonomic accessories that you can use to work comfortably at any location. If you do not work at one fixed workplace, but in many different places, then a number of ergonomic accessories are crucial for you. Because you cannot determine one primary workplace, we will show you how you could set up your workplace to be more comfortable, healthier and more productive at work from now on.
Workplace: Fully mobile
Use a laptop stand
With a laptop stand you can create an ergonomic workplace at any time. In addition, you always work at the correct viewing height, making you more comfortable and considerably more productive. You also reduce pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back.
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Choose a wireless keyboard
Whether you're working at home, in the office, on the train, in a cafe or in a conference room, you can easily take our wireless keyboards with you wherever you go. Our wireless keyboards aren't just made for travel. Due to its compactness, you don't have to reach for your mouse and you reduce the strain on your arms and shoulders.
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Choose a wireless mouse
With a wireless mouse, the battle with cables for your PC or laptop is a thing of the past. Wireless mice work via a dongle and therefore give more freedom of movement than wired mice. You can also easily take them with you. And thanks to the improved battery life of wireless mice, you can now work for several months with full batteries or a charged battery.
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