Workplace: Mainly at home

You do not have one fixed workplace. You mainly work at home and the rest of the time you often work at the office or an external location. These locations are not tailored to you, so it is important that you can work as well as possible at these locations. As a hybrid employee who mainly performs his work at home, you must have equipment that offers him ideal ergonomic support. He can also work mobile in the office and elsewhere.
Workplace: Mainly at home
Choose a mouse and keyboard
For you as a hybrid worker, a wireless mouse is a real must-have. You can easily carry them with a wireless mouse. And you can connect it quickly and easily by means of a dongle. In addition, you are not bothered by cables, so you have more freedom of movement than wired mice. And thanks to the improved battery life of wireless mice, you can work for months on full or charged batteries.

A keyboard that suits your work and personal preferences is also very important. You can easily take a wireless keyboard with you, you don't have to reach for your mouse, which reduces the strain on your arms and shoulders.
Use a monitor arm
Regardless of how many screens you work with, it is important that your screen(s) are set up correctly. The correct viewing height and distance must always be set correctly to prevent complaints to the neck or eyes. This helps you to work healthier and more ergonomically, and it will also benefit the productivity of your work!

In order to be able to properly adjust your screens at all times, we advise you to use monitor arms that are easy to set up and change. For this reason, we have proudly included the Filex monitor arm series, the most modular monitor arm on the market, in our range. We have seven ready-made standard configurations and it is also possible to put together your own personal setup. From now on you can easily adjust your screen(s) to the correct height and distance and work more ergonomically than ever before!
View all our monitor arms for your workplace
Get a good office chair!
Wherever you work, a good office chair is very important. Because we Dutch still spend the majority of our working day sitting, it is important that you have a chair that you feel comfortable on.

However, we at BakkerElkhuizen also find it important that you have an office chair that encourages an active and ergonomic sitting position. The HÅG Capisco is the perfect example of such a chair. A Capisco office chair offers you endless possibilities to sit or to stand semi-upright. You will be inspired to keep moving; forward, backward or sideways. Whatever feels most comfortable to you.
Sit-stand desk
The last part of this workplace is the desk. We strongly recommend using a sit-stand desk or sit-stand platform. A sit-stand desk or platform provides more variation in working postures during the day. This leads to less discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders compared to performing sedentary work at a "normal" table or desk.

The effect of alternating between standing and sitting means that your concentration remains stable for a long time and the performance of your work improves!

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