BE Safety Screen U Acrylic

Concentrated work thanks to acoustically effective material.

BE Safety Screen U Acrylic
With the BE Safety Screens, you can create your own personal quiet zone in the office. The BE Safety Screens are made from sound-absorbing PET-felt, which is not only reducing noise, but is also sustainable. The screens offer visual privacy without completely closing yourself off. This screen with u-shaped panel(s) is with an acrylic windows. The BE Safety Screens offer an easy installation with a wide range of sizes and setups and fixings to suit any desk. Exceptionally robust, easy to clean, and an effective protection against droplet infection. The BE Safety Screens fit perfectly into any working environment and combine inconspicuous design with more privacy and hygiene in the office.

Discreet yet visible.

The BE Safety Screens offer an effective way of your privacy protection in open plan offices. You can choose between screens with or without acrylic windows. With the help of the screens unwanted distractions rarely enter your field of vision, resulting in uninterrupted concentration. At the same time, you do not close yourself off completely from your surroundings. The BE Safety Screens are the perfect balance between privacy and sociability in your everyday office life.
Acoustic effect.
With the BE Safety Screens, you can work in a quieter atmosphere at your desk. Thanks to the sound-absorbing properties (absorption class B) of the PET felt material, you can work in a more undisturbed atmosphere. The acoustically effective material ensures a quiet working environment and is particularly suitable for open-plan offices. You can look forward to a lower noise level, and significantly improve your concentration when working at your desk.
Sustainable material.
Sustainable material. The BE Safety Screens are made of PET-felt material. This PET-felt is made of recycled plastic bottles. 100 % of the screens are recycled material. The advantages of PET-felt material is, that those products are very robust, easy to clean, UV stabilized, not easily flammable (Fireclass of the PET-Material is B1.), and you can recycle them to 100 %. The grey mottled material makes the BE Safety Screens a nice accessory on every desk, for the fixed workplace or the shared desk.
… from the plastic bottle to our circular line product:
Plastic bottles are collected, shredded, and processed into flakes. Those are processed again into a granulate, and out of this, PET felt sheets are made for our "Circular-Line products". Those products can be returned to us and recycled. In short, 100% resource-efficient.

Very easy to install.
Effortlessly mount the BE Safety Screens on your desk by using the supplied desk clamps. Simply screw down the clamps to your tabletop and the screens will remain stable on the desk. The back panels are equipped with a practical brush opening. This integrated cable management ensures that the cables are organized and that your desk looks neat. In addition, you can use the BE Safety Screens also for height adjustable desks. As soon as the BE Safety Screens are fixed to your desk, you can easily switch between sitting and standing while working.  
Protected - healthy - stay productive.
The BE Safety Screens minimise the risk of infection in open-plan offices. Pathogens are transmitted through the air by so-called droplet infection. The BE Safety Screens offer the perfect protection against these pathogens.  With the help of the screens, pathogens circulating the office, which are directly reaching people can be shielded some more. The BE Safety Screens therefore increase the hygiene protection at the workplace. At the same time, the screens are easy to clean. PET Felt is highly resistant to chemicals and can be easily cleaned with water or alcohol-based products, just like acrylic. Minimize the risk of infections at your workplace, and work in a safer office environment.  
Variety - For every kind of desk.
The BE Safety Screens are available in three versions and can be optionally equipped with or without acrylic glass windows. Decide between the U-shape, the single side panel, or the back panel. The advantage of this variety is that you will find the perfect solution for your individual office situation. You can also choose between countless sizes. The supplied standard clamp of the BE Safety Screens is for tabletops with a thickness of maximum 25 mm (larger clamps with a range of 12 mm to 45 mm are available.). Simply find the right BE Safety Screen including clamps for your desk and create a stylish, unobtrusive enrichment of your office.
Sustainable and therefore good for the environment.
The BE Safety Screens are 100 % recyclable and are certified with the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. With this sustainable and environmentally friendly material, we’d like to make a difference for our environment. We follow the “3Rs”: Reducing waste, Re-using products and Recycling material, this is all according to the idea of the circular economy. 
Modern, simple design.
These Safety Screens are made in the Netherlands and are exclusive dutch design. The PET-felt material of the BE Safety Screens gives your working environment a warm and natural appearance. With its simple design, the screens not only allow you to work more concentrated and protected, at the same time you contribute to the environment thanks to the recycled PET-felt material. 

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