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Not passing Windows testing
When warning messages about the driver not passing Windows testing appear during installation, click Continue Anyway. The driver works perfectly in the vast majority of Windows systems. For maximum safety, cancel the installation, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore, set a restore point, and install the driver. If any problem occurs after the installation, the system can be restored to the point prior to the installation by using System Restore
On which operating systems can the Evoluent4 be used?
Windows OS like (Win. 98, XT, 2000, Vista, Win. 7, 8, etc).
As for other OS such as Apple Mac and Linux system, should work with those computers as long as the system supports a USB mouse
However; extra buttons might not work properly on those non-Windows OS PCs.
The driver is installed but the button programming does not work
The user probably installed the wrong driver, probably the VM3 driver.
Go to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs to remove the driver. Install the correct VM4 driver for Win 7 32 bit or 64 bit (we can send you the drivers a attachment).
The mouse must be plugged into the same port all the time. Do not change ports after installing the driver, otherwise the driver won't work.
The mouse does not respond when connected to the PC.
There are several possible causes. Try the following options:

Try connecting the mouse to a different USB port. Preferably one that is connected directly to the PC. Then restart your computer.
What are the DPI settings?
800/1300/1800/2600 dpi
Which size fits my hand?
Why is the pointer moving by itself?
A reflective surface may cause pointer drift. Put the Evoluent Mouse on a non reflective mouse pad. Or some dust is blocking the movement sensor of the mouse, this can be checked with a quick visual inspection.
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