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I have a specific question, but I cannot find the answer in the FAQ, what now?
Click on the grey question mark (Help) icon. Here you will find a link to the WORK & MOVE user manual, or you can make direct contact with our WORK & MOVE helpdesk.
Can I decide what content is shown in the pit stops myself?
Naturally. You are always in control with our self-managed model. Go to Settings -> Tips settings -> Activate the tip categories about which you would like to know more. The tips are displayed during the short (Energiser) and longer (Concentration boost) notifications.
Can I review my computer behaviour over a longer period?
A range of indicators are displayed on the main screen (statistics), so-called tiles. Each tile gives you information about an item (mouse use, shortcut keys, typing proficiency, amongst others). Click the tile to see more detailed information about the past 7 days. You can navigate back in time week by week at the top right (arrow key).
Can my employer see my WORK & MOVE data?
This is completely impossible because of privacy (GDPR) law. WORK & MOVE has been designed so that only you, the user, can see your personal data and advice. Your employer makes this software available as a personal aid (protection equipment) and has no access to the data.
How can I customise my support?
Go to Settings -> PitStop profiles. Here, you can choose from four defined profiles: Monitor, Light, Pro and Recovery. Our advice is for Pro, which is also the standard profile. A more detailed explanation of each profile is provided in the WORK & MOVE application. For each profile, you always have the option of deviating from the standard settings already entered.
How does WORK & MOVE assess my typing proficiency?
Your typing proficiency is determined based on the number of incorrect keystrokes vs. total number of keystrokes. Incorrect keystrokes are the number of backspaces used and deletions made. Both keys are indicators of corrections/or errors.
How is my active computer time calculated?
WORK & MOVE analyses all your computer activity in respect of typing, clicking and reading. Put simply; your keyboard use, mouse use, and your reading activities. Active computer time stops in the event of less than 30 seconds of activity. So if you leave your workstation (and therefore your computer) for lunch, for example, the timer that measures active computer time stops.
I am offered few pit stops while working on the computer. How come?
You may already have a naturally optimal work-exercise rhythm, as a result of which you do not require extra coaching from WORK & MOVE. If you need greater support however, go to Settings -> Pitstop profiles -> and check your profile level there. If it is set to Monitor or Light, you will never or seldom see pit stops displayed. If it is set to Pro or Recovery, take that as a huge compliment. You already have a naturally optimal work-exercise rhythm!
I get offered too many/too few pit stops?
If you find the frequency or duration of the pit stops too high or too low, you can simply change this yourself. Go to Settings -> PitStop profiles. You can select a different profile there, or change the settings of your current profile.
I need to be reminded of my habits or healthy behaviour at specific times or on specific days
Lunchtime walks, taking the stairs, drinking water, eating fruit and doing physio exercises, just a few examples of rituals during the working day. You can set these rituals and link them to a specific day and time in WORK & MOVE. Via Settings  Set rituals.
I often use a multi-user desk. How can I set up my workstation correctly in a few steps?
You have a personal workstation passport in WORK & MOVE. Click on the beige passport pictogram below on the main screen. You can capture your workstation settings, working environment and working conditions here. An ergonomist or Health and Strategy professional from your organisation may be able to help you with this.
I use two screens. Are the pit stops shown on both screens?
Yes, that is possible if it is what you want. Go to Settings -> Screen settings -> Check the ‘’Display on all screens’’ option.
I would like to remain abreast of current news. Can I set this in WORK & MOVE?
You can select and activate news articles yourself, so you see customised news via a so-called RSS feed. Go to Settings -> Tips Settings -> Newsflash preference Activate newsflash preference -> place RSS feed in the field.

These are example of RSS feeds:
Is it easy to keep working through a pit stop?
WORK & MOVE does not make it mandatory to take a pit stop (you yourself are always in control). After a few seconds of continuing to work, the pit stop is ‘’ignored’’ and disappears from view automatically. You receive personal feedback about your work-exercise rhythm at a later stage during that day, week or month.
Is it easy to postpone a pit stop?
If a pit stop is inconvenient, you can postpone it once. The pit stop in question will be shown again after 10 minutes.
Is it possible to deviate from the standard settings of a selected profile?
Yes, certainly. Go to Settings -> Pitstop profiles -> Select a profile -> Settings.
Here, you can (de)activate your pit stops, set breaks and set the duration of a pit stop for each half-day (morning or afternoon).
My mouse use is on the high side. How can I reduce this?
You can reduce mouse use by using shortcut keys (smart key combinations) instead of the computer mouse. WORK & MOVE can help you with this. Go to Settings -> Tips settings -> Activate Shortcut keys tips. You can activate the Shortcut keys tips in each application.
Until when is my WORK & MOVE licence valid?
Click on the grey question mark (Help) icon -> Show licence page -> See duration of licence validity.
What is the purpose of WORK & MOVE software?
Your employer encourages healthy and vital behaviour at work, and WORK & MOVE helps you with this. WORK & MOVE is your personal coach that ensures sufficient variation between concentrated DSE work and mental and physical exercise. The software advises the optimal work-exercise rhythm based on your personal needs and helps you master this rhythm.
When am I shown a Time-out?
According to Dutch Health and Safety law, you may not carry out DSE work for more than 2 consecutive hours without a break of at least 10 minutes. WORK & MOVE software analyses and only offers you a time-out if needed.
When are my personal statistics shown?
You see your personal statistics every day when you start your computer as standard. If you wish to change this, go to Settings -> Screen settings -> Display dashboard on starting. Choose from the options: never, always, every day, every week, or every month.
Why a Concentration boost?
Our attention span or concentration is our most important tool. By taking a mental break of at least 3 minutes every hour, you prevent your concentration slackening. The result is that you get more done during the working day and have more energy at the end of the working day.
Why are mental and physical breaks good for me?
By building in periodic mental and physical breaks, you remain focused and energetic, you make fewer mistakes, and the quality of you work improves. WORK & MOVE ensures you get more done during the working day and that you have more energy at the end of the working day.
Why Energisers?
Energisers are short breaks that give your focus and concentration a small boost by getting up for a moment and looking away from your screen. This is a mental and/or physical break where you stop concentrating on your work for a moment and we recharge your mental and/or physical battery.
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