The Egg Ergo Mouse Pad

A mouse pad, for effortless gliding. Keeps your hand warm.

The Egg Ergo Mouse Pad
The Egg Ergo Mouse Pad not only acts as a mouse pad, but it also has thermal insulation which prevents your hand getting cold. It has a unique egg shape, which is inspired by the natural mouse pattern of computer users. The rubber bottom of the Egg Ergo Mouse Pad keeps it in place and the surface fabric is made of antibacterial material. The Egg Ergo Mouse pad will help you to enhance the usability of your mouse compared to using your mouse directly on a table.


Have you also experienced, that your mouse hand gets colder and colder as the day goes on? This is probably due to the cold desk surface. With the Egg Ergo Mouse Pad, you place your hand and wrist on a warmth-insulating surface. This special thermal insulating top layer of the Egg Ergo Mouse Pad keeps your hand warm, because the cold of the desk surface can't come through. This will help you to work more comfortable.
  • This mouse pad has an antibacterial textile surface.
  • This coated surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth keeping your workplace and bottom of the mouse clean.

Ergonomic background

Tables are often cold and cause poor blood circulation in one’s hand and wrist. Research has shown that a large insulated mouse pad prevents a cold "mouse hand" and therefore contributes to extra comfort (Eline M. Meijer - Coronel Institute of Occupational Health).
Unique design.
As the name already says the Egg Ergo Mouse Pad is shaped like an egg. This unique design is inspired by the natural mouse usage. Mouse users usually move their computer mouse from the lowest point of their wrist up to the top of the mouse pad as well as to the left and right side of the mouse pad. This mouse usage pattern is similar to the shape of an egg. The mouse movement is normally within this upside-down egg shape. With this special design you will never end up next to the mousepad anymore.
Glide with ease.
With the Egg Ergo Mouse Pad you can effortlessly move and glide your mouse over the textile surface. This mouse pad has a smooth, comfortable cloth surface with a fine weave for effortless, silent gliding on any surface whether in the office or at home.
Stays in place.
Thanks to the rubber bottom the Egg Ergo Mouse Pad always stays in place. You can move the mouse fast and smoothly, which leads to more productivity.
Protection, this mouse pad protects your desk and mouse.
Dragging a mouse across the same part of your desk for hours every day is eventually going to wear down the desk, but also the gliders of your mouse. The Egg Ergo Mouse Pad protects against this.
The materials for the Egg Ergo Mouse Pad are carefully chosen. The smooth mouse pad consists of a comfortable surface fabric and inner layer, which is made of recycled polyester. The anti-slip rubber base is made of recycled rubber. Both materials are in turn recyclable.

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