Sustainability at BakkerElkhuizen

“There is no simple solution, but we act responsible by thinking of the future for you and our planet”
At BakkerElkhuizen we believe in sustainable and optimal working behaviour. We want to show with our sustainability campaign, and also beyond, that we act more and more sustainable - not because it is expected of us, but because it is the right thing to do.
Sustainability at BakkerElkhuizen
We believe in sustainability
We address social and environmental challenges where they are most urgent and where we, as a manufacturer, have the greatest impact on people and the environment. We have therefore set four priorities as part of our sustainability strategy.

Sustainability refers to things that are produced or acquired in a way that has the least possible impact on the environment and nature. In addition, sustainability is about the balance between people, the environment and the economy.
Sustainable products
Regarding our products we focus on high-quality. The future is circular. And that is precisely why it is important to us that our products are not only made of sustainable materials, are recyclable and are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, but also that our products have a long product life cycle. Forward-thinking ideas, innovative fabrications and ground-breaking materials take centre stage in the whole developing process.

Local suppliers
We prefer to work with local suppliers, especially from the Netherlands and/or Europe, due to the fact, that our headquarters are located in the Netherlands. Our aim is to replace suppliers from the Asian market. The majority of our products in our assortment come from Europe and the Netherlands. Many of our products are therefore branded with: Made In Holland & Dutch Design.

Together with our suppliers, partners and customers, we try to make a good contribution to our sustainable goals such as recycling, transport, choice of materials, working conditions and CO2 emissions. Therefore, working with start-ups is very important to us. These companies are close to our headquarter in the Netherlands and they often use the latest (production) methods and materials to develop products sustainable.
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Local employees
We are an international company and we work with local employees in each of our countries. Our head office is in the Netherlands. Beside that we have subsidiaries in France, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom & Ireland. In every country we have local employees. People who work in their own country know their own customs, culture and language best. It also reduces the travel distances, which is better for the environment.

Working from different countries
By working with people from different countries, the cultural diversity in our company is very high. This allows us to take different perspectives and find solutions to complex issues faster. Our workforce is therefore a good reflection of the modern European society in terms of demographics, origin and gender. We work together (digitally) on a daily basis across all borders and always invest in the training and further education of our employees. It is important to us, to engage our employees. That is why large (internal, strategic) projects often involve the entire international team or a group of people selected to tackle challenges from different perspectives.

We want to put people first within the "you"-oriented work environment, with optimal work behaviour at an optimal workplace, and that with sustainable ergonomic solutions! If you want to know more about what we are doing with sustainability check out our sustainability report.
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