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Is data insightful at user level?
No, WORK & MOVE Analytics is completely GPDR (AVG) -proof. When concluding the processor agreement, the contract states that the user data is only accessible at group level.

At this group level it can then be indicated how many users at least one group must have in order to gain insight into the group. This group size is 12 users as standard. This number can be adjusted upwards at your request.

In addition, when concluding the processing agreement, it is determined whether the users must give individual permission for data upload to the server via the WORK & MOVE client software.
Is my WORK & MOVE Analytics data separate from other customers?
When you start using WORK & MOVE Analytics you will get your own endpoint https: // [customername]

Behind this endpoint, your own "App Service" and "Azure SQL Database" will be set up for you as a customer, which will only be used by you as a customer. The WORK & MOVE Analytics data only ends up in a dedicated customer environment.
What does the backup plan look like?
A point-in-time restore is available for up to 7 days. In addition, a weekly backup is made which is stored for up to 4 weeks in the past.
Where is the WORK & MOVE Analytics user data stored?
  • For customers in the EU, the data is stored in a Microsoft Azure data center in the Netherlands.
  • For customers in the USA, the data is stored in a Microsoft Azure data center in Illinois, USA.
Within these data centers, BakkerElkhuizen uses "App Service" and "Azure SQL Database", which are covered by this SLA:

These data centers are compliant with many worldwide (including ISO 27001) and local standards, more information can be found here:

All data is stored encrypted, more information can be found here:
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