Sustainable Rental

BakkerElkhuizen makes the “circle” round for you. Instead of buying our hardware products, using them for a while and finally throwing them away, you can simply rent them from us. We call this: "sustainable rental".
Sustainable Rental
What is sustainable rental?
We offer our B2B end-customers the possibility to rent our products instead of purchasing them. This has the advantage that you as a company contribute to sustainability, because BakkerElkhuizen takes all used products back and takes care of reusing or recycling. After the period of use, BakkerElkhuizen will give the products to its recycling partner for an environmentally friendly further processing, if products cannot be reused. 

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What are the benefits of sustainable renting?

BakkerElkhuizen takes all used products back and takes care of reusing and/or recycling.
Return on investment
Without any investment, you spread the costs over the period in which your people benefit from the “optimal” work(place). That means direct ROI without investing.
Direct costs
All expenses run directly into your profit and loss account, which means that no activation and depreciation (sometimes over longer periods) become necessary
Very easy
BakkerElkhuizen services you against a minimum expenditure of your time and money. We take care of financing, delivery costs and costs of return
How does the rental process work?
1. When you are interested in renting BakkerElkhuizen solutions, the total value of your project just needs to be above 2.500 €.

2. Choose between three different time periods 36, 48 or 60 months for the rental.

3. We’ll then calculate your individual offer based on the selected products and period of use. The good thing is, that you just pay one monthly fee, while we pay for financing, delivery costs and costs of return. ​
4. After checking your creditworthiness unbureaucratically, you’ll receive the ‘sustainable rent’ contract.

5. The ‘sustainable rent’ contract between you and BakkerElkhuizen is signed and returned by you together with the SEPA direct debit mandate.​

6. After the contract has arrived, BakkerElkhuizen will send you the products.​
7. When the period of use is over, you inform BakkerElkhuizen about the amount and type of products to be returned.​

8. You’ll receive a return form and can prepare the products for return.​

9. BakkerElkhuizen will pick up the products and stop invoicing the month after. ​
Always the latest and best products
Another advantage of rental is, that your employees always have the latest ergonomic products available. A pleasant working environment, a properly equipped workplace and all the necessary work materials have been proven to increase employee satisfaction and to promote productivity and creativity.

Help your employees do their best work by optimising all these things. Healthy employees are happier and more effective, and you can take some measures to maintain and promote this. Individual ergonomic equipment and furniture has a large contribution to the happiness of employees at work. Ergonomics, as a branch of occupational science, describes that working conditions must be adapted to the individual. The aim is to reduce the stresses and strains – and allow less impact of these on the mental side of the employee – of work and at the same time improve people's ability to perform. Therefore, you should provide up-to-date and good quality ergonomic work equipment for your employees.

With our sustainable rental offer you can kill two birds with one stone. You offer the newest ergonomic solutions for your employees, investing in their health and making a sustainable contribution to the environment.
Interested in sustainable renting?
With our sustainable rental offer, you kill two birds with one stone. You offer your employees the latest ergonomic solutions, invest in their health and make a sustainable contribution to the environment. If you are interested in sustainable hire, let us know and contact us!
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